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Jul. 30th, 2009

My life is as fluid as a river.

So, classes are over tomorrow.  I just put in my two weeks at Craigslist because I got another job managing a tattoo shop in Oakland.  It's actually an event space, recording studio, and tattoo shop, but I'm only involved in the event space/tattoo shop.  It's going well, overall.

Plan to go to nursing school: still on, unless I learn to be a tattoo artist though this gig.  Then, who knows.  Maybe both.
Wedding planning: going well.  I'm so very hands off, I feel like I'm going to be really surprised by how awesome the wedding will be.  Chris and I should start working on vows.  Only 3 months... wow 3 months tomorrow. eep.
Oh my.
I still have a livejournal.

Life status:
-Living in California, specifically the barrios of Oakland (note to self, learn spanish)
-Working at Craigslist.  Yes, I am that cool.  Who wants to touch me?
-In college... again.  This time for nursing.  Realized that I need to make some $$ in my lifetime.  at least enough to not go into default on all my bills.
-Getting married to that weird-o I've been dating for the last half decade.  No, I'm not preggers. It's on Oct 30th, which was a great excuse to have a huge Halloween party on the 31st.  I'm planning on not being functional from 5pm on the 30th till my birthday.
-Living in a sweet ass warehouse. My living room is a human sized monopoly board (seriously). 
-Fostering a greyhound.  We're getting him/her next weekend.

Wow, shit feels really hard right now mostly because I'm out of bed at 6am and I don't make it home till 9:30 pm, but when I lay it all out like that it isn't so bad.


gnarles barkley

so i fell this morning
and got the MOST gnarley cut I've ever had.
it's about two inches long and gaped a centimeter wide.
you could see tendon.
I actually looked around for the missing chunk of skin (there was none, the skin is so tight on your knee it just automatically spread it that wide)
I got four stitches (to hold the inside together) and ten staples.

no yoga for me :(

anyone wanna see pictures?
extolling my state of boredom:
Merry Pre-Christmas Countdown!

It's 3pm.
My mom, dad, and brother are all working.
I've cleaned the house
Made a cake. (double layer Mississippi Mud chocolate with Grand Marnier frosting)
Made chocolate moose parfait (with pie crust crumbles, blueberry/cherry syrupe, and candied pecans).
Made vanilla custard, using actual vanilla beans.
All from scratch. (16 oz Heavy whipping cream, 3 sticks of butter, 20 oz of chocolate, 12 eggs, wow)
Preped and steamed all the veggies for the feast tomorrow.
I organized my things.
Went through all my old books.
Picked up my moms present.

Now, it's only 3:21pm.

I think that the desert is going to be the best part of the meal.  Better than my icecream cake from hell last year.
(it as a 'bomb' mousse in the middle, icecream, then cake and frosting in a half sphere, but the cake insulated the icecream so well that we COULD NOT cut it, it was so frozen.  Even after it had sat out for four hours.)

I guess I could go watch the Christmas Story or something...

Proof that Meth makes you ugly.

I am not normally one to post celebrity gossip to my blog, but I randomly got onto http://thegrumpiest.com/ and I saw this picture of Carmen Electra.  Is that really the same person? You've got to be kidding!  She looks awfull.  and old.  and her hair?
Somebody's been doing a lot of meth.
(Left, New Carmen; Right Old Carmen).

golden compass

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ps. it's just snowed four feet here.
I think nature is trying to make up for last winter.
thank goodness.

so good

the best 40$ I HAVE EVER spent.
now, what can I be for halloween with this wig-of-amazingnes?

liquidie gross

Uma is sick!
There's been a recall my dog food company, Natural Balance!
She may have rare bacterial infection called Botulism.
It causes paryalsis and death.
I don't know if that's what she actually has, I looked up simptoms but they're all things a dog can't tell me about.
Vet apt in an hour and a half, I'll update

(ps- now I have to throw out a 65$ bag of food.)

update: she's ok.
I got medicine and she'll be fine. 
I got really stressed out about it this morning.

are we theeeerrrreeee yet?

If right now, I could go anywhere in the world, it would be Thailand and I would do this program: http://www.learn-in-asia.com/index.htm
I commit myself to being a beach bum forever and ever, amen.  Lose 20 lbs and be a bunny in a bathing suit.  Get some skin cancer, but never sit behind a desk and hate life.
I'll be ok with dieing early if I can accomplish that.
but only if I can bring Uma (who is asleep on my lap, under my computer.  My screen is rising and falling like I'm on the ocean)

I want to go go go.
Kyley? Christopher? Anyone?
Ok, I'll just go by myself.

ps. has anyone been to www.pandora.com ?  It's radio sprouted from the music genome project.  It's way awesome, check it out.